Canals in the Industrial Age


KS2 & 3 History

Available in school or at the History Centre this session uses original sources to study the importance of canals in Wiltshire, including the Wilts & Berks and Kennet & Avon canals. Pupils will consider the construction and use of canals using:

  • Maps
  • Court records
  • Historic photographs
  • Census returns
  • Accounts

Visits to the History Centre

Workshop sessions at the History Centre will use some original material from the archive. All visits to the History Centre include a tour of the strongroom and use of our public facilities; lockers, toilets, vending machines, area for eating lunch. There is full disabled access and a disabled toilet.

This session is available Monday-Friday
Sessions Morning 9.30am - 12noon
Afternoon 12.30pm - 3.00pm

Charge £3.50 per pupil +VAT
Maximum number 30 Tues-Fri
60 on Mondays.

Visits to your school

Sessions at school will be delivered using facsimiles of archive and local studies materials.
Charge £4 per pupil +VAT
Travel costs £20.