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On this page you will find all the resources you need for a source based investigation of a local man, William Sharington. A member of Henry VIII's court he purchased Lacock Abbey when it was closed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries and turned it into his family home. Through an investigation of four documents from the collection, students can find out about Sharington's life. How he used his position to gain favour and increase his wealth and how making the wrong connections at court cost him his lands and nearly cost him his head.

All the documents can be viewed on the website with a zoom feature to read the original words, but are also provided with transcriptions and translations from latin. A range of supporting documents is provided with further information for students.

Sharington Pardon closeup sml


Timeline of William Sharington's life


Translation of letter appointing Sharington Under Treasurer of the Bristol Mint

Background information on The Bristol Mint

Link to view original document


Biography of Thomas Seymour

Link to view original document signed by Thomas Seymour


Summary of Sharington's pardon

Link to view original document


Transcription of Boulogne document

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