Finding Archaeological Objects

Finding Bones

We're building a conservatory and there are some bones in the foundation trench. What should we do?

If you are in any doubt about the bones you must telephone the Police who will inform the Coroner. The Police will contact the County Archaeologist if there is a need.

Skeleton fully excavated.A fully excavated burial.

If the bones turn out to be human and over one hundred years old then the County Archaeologist will decide what should be done next. If human bones are uncovered the rules about how to deal with them depend on their age and the way in which they were buried originally. If they are thought to be more than one hundred years old then they are an archaeological matter.

The manner in which they were originally buried will be studied both for increasing archaeological understanding and in order to decide what should be done with the remains. Often they will be removed for study but re-interred at a later date

If the remains are believed to be less than one hundred years old then they are a Police matter.

Finding Pottery

I found some pieces of pottery while I was out walking the dog. What should I do with them?

Two pottery sherdsPottery

The staff at the Archaeology Service can look at your finds and check if there is any known archaeology where they were found.

Nine pins with decorative heads in a row.Pins

They can also provide information about what you should do next. This will depend on the significance of your finds

Telephone or email the Archaeology Service to make an appointment.


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