Heritage and Land Development

The Service monitors planning applications, road improvement schemes and pipeline proposals.

Many developers will make contact to seek advice on archaeology before submitting a planning application.Consultation and discussion at an early stage can avoid loss of time and money later.

Digger and burial in driveway.Digger and burial in Westbury.

Proposals to develop land are sent to the Archaeology Service for assessment. The Service receives weekly lists of planning applications from District Planners. The HER, aerial photographs and previous reports are used to assess potential impact, and advice sent to planning staff. Sometimes further investigation is requested prior to determination. Discussions with applicants resolve many problems, and planning conditions are drafted where excavation work is needed.

Heritage, Highways and Pipelines

Highways and pipelines are subject to different planning regulations to those for other types of development.

New road schemes are published as Draft Orders which are subject to a staged approach which will include reference to any archaeology within the proposed road scheme. These are considered by English Heritage and also the County Archaeologist.

Below is a handaxe found during preliminary investigations of a road scheme.

Archaeologist holding Palaeolithic hand axe.Palaeolithic handaxe.

Pipelines and other utilities, including telecommunication masts, frequently cover wide areas. Early consultation by engineers identifies and removes potential problems.

Information can be sent in digital format if requested.


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