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The Archaeology Office contains a wide range of information on Wiltshire archaeology. The principal source is the Historic Environment Record, on which all known sites and finds are recorded. You can now search this for yourself on-line.


Wiltshire Extensive Urban Survey Reports

Wiltshire County Archaeology Service began work on the Wiltshire Historic Towns Survey in August 1999 as part of the national EUS programme instigated and funded by English Heritage. The project comprised a survey of the historic towns of Wiltshire, including those in the Unitary Authority of Swindon Borough Council. In all, thirty-four towns were surveyed, including the five rural Roman towns and the city of Salisbury between 1999 and 2004. The intention was to update a project sponsored in 1976 by the DoE which resulted in the publication of Wiltshire Towns: the archaeological potential (Haslam, 1976) so as to provide high-quality information about the archaeological potential of the towns for archaeologists and Local Planning Authorities.


The HER is supplemented by aerial photographic sorties, including copies of the Wiltshire County Council census-year vertical photography (1971 to 2001). There is a large collection of oblique aerial photos of specific archaeological sites.

Aerial Photograph of a Medieval SettlementMedieval Settlement

The County Historic Environment Record includes a library of reports of the majority of archaeological evaluations and excavations undertaken in Wiltshire in the last thirty years. Anyone can telephone the Archaeology Service and arrange a time to visit to use this resource.

Front page of reportReport

Visitors to the Office carry out research using HER maps and database printouts. They can be instructed in use of the aerial photo collection, and have access to all excavation and survey reports lodged with the Office. Users include members of the public engaged in local research, as well as professional archaeologists and consultants.

HER screenshotHistoric Environment Record Data

If you want to use the Historic Environment Record please contact the Archaeology Service to make an appointment. It is helpful to the staff and will increase the value of your visit if you can provide some detail about the type of information you are seeking.

Sites and Monuments MapHistoric Environment Record Map


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