Wiltshire Farmsteads

 Building 12 - SE elevation   Building 24 N elevation

Traditional farmsteads and buildings are heritage assets which make a significant contribution to both
landscape character and local distinctiveness. They are also, through a diversity of uses, assets for local
communities and economies. Future change in historic farmsteads is inevitable if they are to be retained
as a distinctive part of the rural landscape: otherwise, they risk decay and dereliction.

Historic England has helped Wiltshire Council and the Wiltshire Buildings Record in developing:

  •  GUIDANCE to inform change and enhance understanding of how farm buildings contribute to the
     distinctive and valued character of our rural landscapes;

  • AN EVIDENCE BASE, using the mapping and analysis of their historic character and survival in
     the landscape.

The Wiltshire Farmsteads Project Summary document gives an overview of the products and information
that is available.

Use The Guidance

Building 9 - roof walls and floor  Building 9 - NW elevation


Use The Evidence Base

Building 11 - exterior from SE  Building 2 - N elevation


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