Creative Writing Using Tudor Documents

Creative writing

KS2 Creative Writing Session Using Tudor Documents

On this page you will find all the resources you need to do an extended piece of writing with KS2 pupils using the story of a local Tudor man as inspiration. Trialled in 2 Wiltshire Primary schools, this session has been developed for you to deliver yourself using the resources below.

The creative writing piece is based on the true story of William Sharington, who purchased Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire when the abbey was closed by Henry VIII. In the reign of Henry's son, Edward VI, William Sharington was found guilty of fraud and involvement in the attempted kidnap of Edward VI and his sister, who later became Elizabeth I. Convicted of treason and sentenced to death William Sharington was not executed and later regained his lands, status and title.

This document is the royal pardon issued to William Sharington in 1549.

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Powerpoint presentation to introduce the topic to pupils click here

Account of William Sharington's life suitable to share with pupils click here

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Character scaffold to support lessons click here

To see the Sharington Pardon in full click here

We are very grateful for the help and support of the teachers and students at Colerne and Bowerhill Primary Schools, Helen Arber and Andrew Skelton, Angela Street and the financial support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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