Animated films

These animated films were created by students from 3 Wiltshire schools, Holbrook Primary and Clarendon Academy in Trowbridge and Matravers School, Westbury. They feature clips from the interviews of black elders gathered for the SEEME project arranged around 3 themes. The films were produced and directed by Jamie McDine who worked with students in each school to create the films.


First Impressions

This film gives the first impressions of black people on arriving in the UK, the things that struck them as different about the place that they had come to live and work compared to life at home.


Reactions and Racism

The elders interviewed for the project describe a range of reactions that they received from people when they came to the UK and this included racism, prejudice and discrimination. They describe some of the bad language that people used towards them and violence that they faced, for this reason some of the content of this film is not suitable for children aged under 12.



If you were born and brought up in one country but lived all your adult life in another how do you describe your identity? If you were born of dual heritage - how do you feel about your identity. In this film elders explain how they describe their identity and what it means to them


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